18.3.8 Resonance

Similar to a game of Hot-and-Cold, resonance requires you to hunt down vibrating crystals that are buried within the ground. Everyone will be assigned their own crystal to find and you will need to hunt it down by following the clues you derive from its sonority. Once you find your crystal, you will gain a point and a new crystal will generate for you to find. Crystals only show up on the continent of Sapience, so don't go checking Albedos or the islands!
To win the game, you simply must have found the most crystals around Sapience! You can use RESONANCE SCORES to see both your current score, and the leaderboard.
Remember, the crystals are hidden beneath the earth and cannot be seen by any normal means - that means using the following commands is required to find your crystal:

- By taking a few moments to focus, this command allows you to hone in on the resonance of your current crystal. It does take balance to use.
- If you are standing above your crystal, use this to unearth it and score a point! Be warned, though, using this command when your crystal is not in the room will have a huge balance cost. Use it wisely!

Distance clues:
Depending on the distance you are from your crystal, you will receive one of the following clues:
50+ rooms away: Little more than a faint ripple, you feel drawn towards <area>.
45-49 rooms away: The response you feel is nothing more than a fluttering on the wind.
40-44 rooms away: Although near silent, there is an evident hum that beckons you closer.
35-39 rooms away: There is an air of anticipation as you sense your crystal enticing you.
30-34 rooms away: An excited tremor spreads across your skin.
25-29 rooms away: You feel the steady fluctuations of your crystal.
20-24 rooms away: Pinpricks of light bloom behind your eyelids as the pulses bolster.
15-19 rooms away: Eliciting an excited throb between your temples, your crystal beckons.
10-14 rooms away: Growing into a loud hum, the vibrations of your crystal are undeniable.
5-9 rooms away: The buzzing of your crystal bombards your senses. It demands to be found.
1-4 rooms away: Your teeth almost chatter as the drumming in your head intensifies.
0 rooms away: The thrumming in your ears is near maddening! UNEARTH your crystal!
The distance clue you get will clearly define the distance threshold (e.g. 40-44 rooms) you are from your crystal, so don't worry about collecting messages. If you are more than 50 rooms away, the distance clue will tell you what area the crystal is in. However if you're less than 50 rooms away but in a different area, the distance clue won't tell you that, so don't restrict yourself to the same area!