Racetrack Promo

18.4.3 Racetrack Promo

When this promotion is running (keep an eye on the announce posts!) you will receive 1 betting ticket for every 25 credits you purchase.

Once you have a ticket you can head over to the Promo race track in Esterport and bet on a race. Betting will open for the next race every hour at 20 minutes past, and close right before the race starts. When the hour changes, the race will begin! Should you win your bet, you will receive a number of credits based on the odds of that racer and how many tickets you bet on it.

You can PATH FIND 44302 to locate the racetrack.

Vakmuts have been retired, and now the racetrack is exclusively run with minipets of our lovely players! No minipet statistics or specialties matter in this promotion, it is purely random how well your pet will perform. Only in this promotion can your pet rock out-race the hare.

Here is an overview of commands:

View how many tickets you have available for betting.

View the current racers available to bet on, their current handler, and their odds to Win (come 1st), Place (come 2nd or higher) or Show (come 3rd or higher). It will also show you the return per ticket for betting on that pet. If the race has already ended, it will tell you the final placings.

The 'points' column is a tally of points from that hound or handler's past victories.

Only usable if the pets are racing, this will display the current positions of each pet in the race.

An overview of your current bets for this race.

Adds one of your named minipets to the racetrack roster. Only one per player. This will need to be reset each time the promotion is run, as prizes are usually given to winningest pet.

Place a bet on a hound colour to win, place or show.

Winning means that the pet will come in exactly first place.
Placing means that the pet will come in second place, or better.
Showing means that the pet will come in third place, or better.

The RACETRACK LIST command will show the odds each hound has of winning, placing or showing, as well as the credit return per ticket for betting on that hound.