Quest Items

14.1.1 Quest Items

Quest items are just that - items obtained for the purposes of helping you along quests. These items are just as varied as anything else you'll find in Aetolia: small or large (a shard of glass; a seven foot tall bell), real or abstract (a ransom note; the essence of a vanquished lich).

Quest Inventory
Quest items will not appear in your normal inventory, to reduce clutter - instead, consult your quest inventory (QI, QUESTINV, etc.) to see these items. When viewing your quest inventory, items will appear like this:

    bell69166, A heavy lodestone bell. (40 months, 300 seconds)
      "A nefarious bell of the undead. Those who ring this mammoth bell are
       swept away on a grim pilgrimage."

    1. The reference name (identity) of the item, and ID.
    2. The full name of the item.
    3. The remaining time before the item is gone:
       3a. Months until the item decays,
       3b. and seconds until the item resets.
    4. A synopsis of the item. Includes history, purpose, and more.