Pools of Creation

25.3 Pools of Creation

After the destruction of the Garden of the Gods in the year 100 of the 
Midnight Age, when the Pillars of Heaven were shattered and scattered, 
Aetolia's divinity resided inside an incomprehensible Void. The emergence of 
Belakai, the Shaper of Divine Essence, heralded the founding of a new haven 
of immortality beyond the reach of mortal ken. Beneath the fathomed deeps 
of the Pools of Creation, multi-colored ponds of day and night, the Gods and 
Goddesses of Aetolia ruminate inside the Mists of Essence, flowing with the 
currents and tides of the Creator.

Though the exact measurements would be a paradox to determine, it is said that
the Pools are the place that Varian first created Essence.