Poker Example Poker Example

Here's a play by play:

Severn, Arion, Galleus, Chakrasul, Lleis and Haern all bought in for    
1000 gold, the blinds are 5 and 10 gold, there is an ante of 1.         

Action 1: Antes are added to the pot, leaving it at 6 gold.
Action 2: Blinds are posted, Arion adds 5, Galleus adds 10. The pot is  
          now at 21 gold.                                                      
Action 3: Cards are dealt. Arion is dealt: As 7s. Galleus is dealt: 8d  
          8h. Chakrasul is dealt: 6s 9h. Lleis is dealt: Qh Qc. Haern is 
          dealt: 3h 3d. Severn is dealt: Kh Kc                                 
Action 4: Chakrasul calls the big blind for 10
Action 5: Lleis raises to 50. 
Action 6: Haern calls for 50
Action 7: Severn calls for 50
Action 8: Arion calls by adding 45
Action 8: Galleus calls by adding 40
Action 9: Chakrasul folds (the bet comes back around to Lleis now,      
          completing the betting round and leaving the pot at: 266)            
Action 10: The flop comes: Ks Qs 8c (this puts Arion, who is first to   
           act, at a high card ace but opportunities for making an 
           ace-high flush) 
Action 11: Arion checks to Galleus (Galleus has three eights, but He's a
           careful man)                                                        
Action 12: Galleus checks to Lleis (Lleis has three queens, that's a    
           good hand)                                                          
Action 13: Lleis bets 100 (Turn comes to Haern who missed the flop,     
Action 14: Haern folds (Severn is next, he has top "set" with three     
Action 15: Severn raises to 300 (action comes back to Arion)
Action 16: Arion calls 300 (Galleus at this point feels his three of a  
           kind isn't big enough and refuses to gamble)                        
Action 17: Galleus folds (action comes to Lleis, who has a nagging      
           feeling, but 100 gold invested)                                     
Action 18: Lleis calls adding 200 to her initial bet. 900 gold was added
           in this betting round, the pot is at 1166.                          
Action 19: The turn comes 2h (Arion, who was the small blind, is still  
           first to act.)                                                      
Action 20: Arion checks (He didn't get his flush)
Action 21: Lleis checks (She knows Severn has a big hand, he cheats!)
Action 22: Severn checks (he tries to trap the other two, by showing    
Action 23: The river comes 2s 
Action 24: Arion bets 300 
Action 25: Lleis calls 300
Action 26: Severn raises to 600
Action 27: Arion folds.
Action 28: Lleis calls for 300.
Action 29: Showdown: Severn shows a full house: Kh Kc Ks 2h 2s, Lleis   
           shows a full house Qh Qc Qs 2h 2s. Severn wins the pot: 2666 

The river gave Arion the flush, but it also gave Lleis and Severn a full
house, Severn kings over two's beating Lleis' queens over two's. If     
anything when playing poker, remember not to play Severn.