18.2.6 Poker

There are many different kinds of poker, in Aetolia we play the no-limit
Texas Hold 'em variant. To start a game of poker, you'll need to find   
yourself a dealer and don't forget to bring along at least one friend to
clean out. The maximum amount of players one table can host is ten. When
you've found a table you can do POKER BUYIN to see the range of gold you
can buy into the game for, at any point in the game you will be able to 
POKER LEAVE TABLE to take your winnings home and finally buy yourself   
those new shoes you wanted.                                             

Poker can be found at room 53397 in Esterport.

   HELP POKER RULES    - For the rules and terms regarding no-limit
                         Texas Hold 'em.                                       
   HELP POKER HANDS    - For all the possible hand combinations and how 
                         they rank.                                            
   HELP POKER COMMANDS - For all the commands related to poker.

   HELP POKER EXAMPLE  - An example of how a game might go down.