Paperless Crafting System

22.1.1 Paperless Crafting System

The paperless crafting system is how tradeskills are facilitated in     
Aetolia. How it works is outlined below.                                

Obtaining a design
To obtain a new design, you need to go to your local craft office and do
DESIGN REQUEST. A new design will cost you 300 gold sovereigns. Once you
have received the new design, you will need to copy a base design onto  
it (this will set what type of item the new design will be). This is    
done by going to the craft guild and looking at the WARES. Find the base
design of what you want to make, and then simply DESIGN <#> COPY <base  
design>. Alternately, you can do this by DESIGN <#> COPY <design you    
already own>. You can then edit the design using DESIGN as you normally 

When your design is just how you want it to look, simply go to the craft
guild and DESIGN SUBMIT.                                                

Creating a design
Once your design has been approved and paid for, you are then free to   
create it. To create a paperless design, you can simply CRAFT <design>.                                                        

If you decide you don't want a design anymore, just DESIGN <#> DELETE.

Transferring a design
If you wish to give your design to someone else, you can do DESIGN <#>  
TRANSFER TO <person|organization>. Please note that you will lose any   
power over this design once you have transferred it. Also, you can only 
transfer a design to a person that has the tradeskill needed to use that

If you want to retain ownership of your design but simply allow someone 
else to use it, you can DESIGN <#> ALLOW <person|organization>. If you  
change your mind, simply DESIGN <#> DENY <person|organization>.         

Design renewal
The Crafting guild will charge you periodically for the cost of         
maintaining your designs. As soon as you request a new design, you will 
have 150 Aetolian months before you will need to pay the fee to renew   
the design again. To renew an individual design, simply DESIGN <#>      
RENEW. If you have a lot of designs to renew at once, you may DESIGN    
RENEW ALL. You can see a list of designs you own that have expired by   
looking at DESIGN LIST EXPIRED.                                         

If you let a design expire, you will be unable to use it until you pay  
the renewal fee. Designs that remain expired for 30 months will be      

You may set designs that you own to auto-deduct funds from your bank    
account if you choose. To do this, DESIGN <#> AUTOPAY ON. You can turn  
off this feature with DESIGN <#> AUTOPAY OFF. Designs that belong to an 
organization may be set to autopay by the leader of that organization.  

Design permanence
Crafters who are transcendent in a craft skill may set 10 designs in    
that craft skill permanent. This is done with DESIGN <#> PERMANENCE ON, 
and to undo it, simply DESIGN <#> PERMANENCE OFF. Crafters who own an   
artifact workbook may set up to 50 extra designs to permanent spread    
across all of their craft skills. This is cumulative with the 10 gained 
by transcending a craft skill.