Papercrafting Approval Guidelines

22.2.7 Papercrafting Approval Guidelines

Papercrafting is the art of making paper goods. These are some guidelines specific to it!

   - Some designs have limited appearances, less than the typical 50 characters.
   - The papercrafting token is $(paper$)
   - Dye tags can be used in papercrafting
   - The FOLDED description is used in darts, fans, fortune tellers, and hyalincuru. It is essentially filling in a blank in those designs, eg: a _____ folded star (the folded description being used when it is folded)
   - Metallic colors will require that you add a commodity to match that metal.

   - There is no printing press in Sapience to date, so everything is done by hand or simple woodblock printing. 
   - The terminology "from x's desk" is perfectly fine in use with letters so long as the appropriate crests/seals are also described so one can know that this would come from that specific person or group.

   - The Hung description follows the same standards for Dropped. You should not be able to read the text of the poster from the hung description.