25.14 Oceans

The Forgotten Dome

Located at the bottom of the ocean off the coast of Tasur'ke, the forgotten domes are the site of a small kelki city that predates the destruction of Kelsys. The area is far from uninhabited, however, as horribly mutated kelki stalk the halls of the underwater city.

Little is currently know of how the kelki within became cursed with their current forms or if it is possible to restore them to health and sanity.

Riparium and its Abyss

Located off the coast of Sapience, southeast of Esterport, Riparium is the underwater kingdom of the mermen. Populated by a variety of merfolk, underwater creatures, and a very dangerous giant Kraken, the area is generally intended for the same crowd that frequents the Rock. As the area is underwater, you must be sure you have some prickly pear to eat, else you will quickly drown.

Little is currently known of the politics of the merfolk, save that they seem to ally themselves generally with good.

Located in the easterly section of Riparium is its Abyss.

Western Ocean

Southwest of Three Widows lies the Western Ocean, man-eating sharks inhabit the cold ocean water, but there's more to be frightened of than the sharks.