Northern Tundra

25.11.16 Northern Tundra

Located beyond the barrier range of the Teeth of Tellotek and neighboring the ancient Stormcaller Crag, the Northern Tundra is a lonely, windswept spit of glacial cliffs and frozen stone; on clear days, one can almost see the distant and inscrutable Dehkay Plateau across the shattered ice floes and freezing ocean to the northeast. Grecht of the Second Imperium call the inlet home, making their dwellings in Arget Efri, the cliffside cave system, and raising their Taerilans free from the iron fists of the Talons of the Plateau. Trade with the nearby Troll settlement at the Crag is good, and shipments of tusker meat and tundral fur are frequently sent down south to Spinesreach and the settlements beyond the Tarean Mountains.