Mount Hubride

20.11.61 Mount Hubride

A small community of Trolls, during a time when the Ankyrean were encroaching upon their territory, decided that enough was enough. They packed up their supplies and wandered away from Hashan, escaping to the north and west - deep into the Tarea mountains to find a land free of encroachment.

The mountains would eventually be known as Three Widows to them as they settled into Mount Hubride. Their enemies are limited to the spiders of Luzith's Lair and dwarves of Mount Heylai - choosing, in most times, to live a peaceful existence over that of war. Because of this, their numbers have grown but they've kept to a fairly simple lifestyle.

With their simple lifestyle comes a questionable tradition that has the dwarves up in arms against them. Rumor has it that they practice some form of cannibalism, but only they truly know the reasons for it. They are, however, more than willing to explain it to even outsiders - wishing to see understanding between people rather than bias and miscommunication.

What will you find in this land? A brave group of people who aren't afraid of a good drink, more than capable of training the wild mezilkree as their steeds, extremely loyal to one another, and find importance with a fairly matriarchal society.