Morgun Forest

25.10.14 Morgun Forest

Bordered on the west by the Vashnar mountains and on the east by the
Urubamba river, the Morgun is one of the largest forests on the continent
of Sapience, and certainly the most unusual. Few animals dare to enter its
dark eaves, and those who do are rarely seen again. The leafy halls of the
Morgun are home to an ancient race of living trees. It is rumoured that
dark dryads dwell deep within the forests, and travelers have brought back
stories of strange melancholy creatures called the Nayar, whose haunting
music can at times be heard echoing through the woods. Some say that the
forest is ruled by an ancient council of five living trees, but few have
been able to verify the tale, since the dark paths of the forests are
carefully guarded by rampaging hemlock bushes and dangerous mists that
dwell in the lowlands.