Miscellaneous Artifacts

23.3.10 Miscellaneous Artifacts

AP:                  a relic crucible               15 cr

AP: adaptation       a gem of adaptation           750 cr
    - Lets you change your statpack once whenever you change to a new active class.

AP: age_disguise     a shief of falsified documents  150 cr
    - This item allows you to disguise your age/birthday upon your honors -    score will still show your real birthday. It cannot make you younger than 18, or born earlier than 12th of Arios, year 35. SYNTAX: SETAGE <day> <month> <year>, e.g. SETAGE 12 VARIACH 100.

AP: aiming                                         200 cr
    - Any item with this power placed on it will give you the skill of aiming, which will increase your chance to hit with a bow with the command AIM <target> <direction>. The item must be in your inventory to have effect.

AP: L1, L2, L3 ally_expand
-	Expands the maximum size of your ALLIES list by 10 per level
    L1 ally_expand  +10                            100 cr
    L2 ally_expand  +10                            200 cr
    L3 ally_expand  +10                            400 cr

AP: ally_follow       a mirror of the coadjutor    200 cr
    - SMILE at this mirror and any of your mutual allies in the room with you will begin to follow you.

AP: artifact_bandage  an inscribed bandage          50 cr
    - The artifact bandage will never decay and will contain twice the normal       amount of presses.

AP: artifact_icon    an icon of Divinity           500 cr
    - A permanent holy icon that contains an unlimited amount of charges. You can TOUCH ICON TO SHRINE to change the appearance of the icon to the shrine patron's.

AP: artifact_pack    a wyrmskin pack               100 cr
    - This power can be put on any normal pack. Artifact packs never decay.

AP: artifact_pipe    an ornately-carved ivory pipe  50 cr
    - This power can be put on any normal pipe. Artifact pipes never need to be lit.

AP: artifact_syringe  a glass syringe               50 cr
    - This power can be put on any normal syringe. Artifact syringes never need to be flicked.

AP: atlas            an enigmatic atlas            150 cr
    - This artifact adds a line to SURVEY that informs you what percentage of the local area you have explored.

AP: L1, L2, L3 cache_extension  
    An interdimensional planar wedge will pry open the hole with which you access your cache. 
    - L1             double the size (2x)          250 cr
    - L2             triple the size (3x)          500 cr
    - L3             quadruple the size (4x)      1000 cr

Cache_extension Disclaimer: This includes other non-fluid caches, like flower caches.

AP: celestial_negation                             200 cr
    - Disables the effects that astronomy has on you. This item must be in your inventory to have effect.

AP: charisma                                       200 cr
    - When disfigured this power will give you great charisma, delaying the attacks of your loyal minions upon yourself. The item must be in your inventory to have effect.

AP: L1, L2, L3 clarity
    Reduces the time spent suffering from blackout.
    - L1             10% reduction                 200 cr
    - L2             20% reduction                 400 cr
    - L3             30% reduction                 800 cr

AP: cloaking         a gem of cloaking             400 cr
    - Keeps you off WHO, BW, and QW lists. Activate and deactivate by saying 'Tulahuar'.
AP: darkness                                       100 cr
    - Any item with this power placed on it will allow you to CONJURE DARKNESS. The item must be in your inventory to have effect.

AP: deathcurse       a vindictive barb             250 cr
    - Grants access to CONFIG DEATHCURSE, allowing you to set a phrase that you will say upon being slain. Maximum of 500 characters.

AP: directory        a shopping guidebook          150 cr
    - Allows you to use the shop directory command from anywhere, for anywhere. SYNTAX: DIRECTORY <city|ALL> <search query>.

AP: dominance        a Banner of Dominance         200 cr
    - When you kill someone, a copy of the banner will be staked through your victim's corpse, declaring your dominance over them. The corpse will be indestructible and unmovable from that location until it decays. This effect will only trigger once per Aetolian day.

AP: double_enhancements                            100 cr
    - Doubles the amount of enhancement sets you can store - HELP ENHANCEMENTS.

AP: dropbox          a deposit box                  50 cr
    - Drop this in a room and any item that is placed inside it will be transported to your inventory! This will inform you who sent the item.

AP: elusion          a hood of elusion            2000 cr
    - Hides you from nearly all mortal abilities that reveal your location. Only the owner of a Hood of Elusion will be able to locate you with one-time abilities, such as sense. Continuous tracking abilities will still find you.
You can speak 'aroilath' to enable and disable this effect.

Elusion Disclaimer: The power becomes disabled after attacking another player for 15 seconds, or for 30 seconds if they are slain by your hand.

AP: L1, L2, L3 enemy_expand
-	Expands the maximum size of your ENEMIES list by 10 per level
    L1 enemy_expand  +10                           100 cr
    L2 enemy_expand  +10                           200 cr
    L3 enemy_expand  +10                           400 cr

AP: expulsion        a Maelstrom flute             200 cr
    - Blowing through the flute will cause a target in your room to be flung as far as possible within the specified direction. If no direction is supplied, a random direction will be selected. Stopped by mass. SYNTAX: BLOW FLUTE <person> [dir].

AP: extra_tattoo     a tattoo stencil              400 cr
    - This tattoo stencil unlocks the 'body' tattoo slot, allowing you to obtain an extra tattoo. Does not stack, meaning it's only possible to get one extra slot. Only works for the owner.

AP: fast_shrines     a torc of faith               400 cr
    - When wearing this power, the strength of your sanctifying prayers upon shrines is doubled, decreasing the amount of time it takes to get the shrine to full size.

AP: flowerpot        a clay flowerpot              200 cr
    - Grow up to six flowers in this pot, or eighteen if you have the Floristry talent! Every day, you will have a 1 in 3 chance of receiving a new flower for every empty slot left in your pot.

AP: fracture_alert   a ylembic resonator            60 cr
    - This artifact will alert the holder whenever someone enters the Iernian Fracture.

AP: handmirror       a runed handmirror            150 cr
    - Ever wanted to see what someone's description looks like even when they're not around? Now you can! Gaze into the mirror while thinking of your target, and you'll see their visage reflected in it! This won't reveal information about their undead status, unless it's written into their description somehow. SYNTAX: GAZE MIRROR <target>.

AP: havens_sense     an Ocular of the Havens       200 cr
    - Discern where someone last returned to their Haven from. GAZE OCULAR <target> to use it.

AP: headshrink       an aromatic pot               200 cr
    - Turns a decapitated player head into a shrunken head. The shrunken head will decay after 200 Aetolian weeks, but you can refresh this decay timer back to 200 simply by doing SHRINK <head> again. Keep your trophy around forever! SYNTAX: SHRINK <head>.

AP: hide_artifacts   an Icon of Obscuration        500 cr
    - Hides any worn artifacts from being seen when anyone attempts to look at you. Specific artifacts may be exempted from this power for 50 credits each.

AP: hide_honours                                   200 cr
    - With this power, no one will be able to glean any information about you with the HONOURS command. The item must be in your inventory to have effect.

AP: hide_marriage                                  100 cr
    - This artifact power will hide the marriage/engagement line from your Honours, preventing anybody from seeing who you are married to. This will also affect your spouse.

AP: hide_might                                      50 cr
    - With this power, no one will be able to see your might with the HONOURS command. The item must be in your inventory to have effect.

AP: homing_pigeon    a homing pigeon                50 cr
    - Mail a letter without having to be at the post office.

AP: huntsense        a bloodied runestone          200 cr
    - Allows access to the HUNTSENSE and HUNTTRAVEL commands. Huntsense informs you of the status of all the Hunting Grounds in an identical fashion to touching one of the cairns, as well as the names of anybody who is in the Hunting Grounds. HUNTTRAVEL is a delayed, channeled travel to the Hunting Grounds itself, so long as you are on the mainland, and Prime Plane. It also has same entry conditions as the regular cairn entry.

AP: ignore_weather                                 200 cr
    - Makes you immune to the negative effects of cold and hot temperatures. Extreme weather, including temperatures low or high enough to freeze/burn you, will still work through this artifact power.

AP: illusion         a staff of illusion           500 cr
    - If held, the staff allows the use of the Subterfuge ability of Illusion. SYNTAX: CONJURE ILLUSION <victim|NOBODY> <text>.

AP: keyring          a secure brass keyring         50 cr
    - ATTACH <key> TO <keyring>, REMOVE <key #> FROM KEYRING. Can only be done by the owner and resets to your inventory once per hour.

AP: landmarks        a crisp map of Sapience       100 cr
    - Give the player the monuments skill from survival and allows them to mark up to 10 monuments. It also slightly reduces the balance costs of the WALK TO command.

AP: lastloging       a lens of essence tracing      75 cr
    - This artifact allows you to use the LASTLOGIN command on any of your mutual allies, letting you see how many days ago they last logged in!

AP: leg_support      cane of the quickening        300 cr
    - Lets you walk normally, even if you have one leg broken.

AP: letter_sheaf     a bottomless letter satchel    50 cr
    - Get unlimited letters from your satchel. Note that the letters taken from the satchel are not able to be given away, if they are they will simply melt away. They can only leave your inventory by being mailed.

AP: lifevision       a mask of lifevision          750 cr
    - Lets you see people who are hidden in your room and gives you a chance to see through illusions.

AP: light                                          100 cr
    - Any item with this power placed on it will allow you to CONJURE LIGHT. This will clear any darkness in the room, and reveal any hidden players. The item must be in your inventory to have effect.

AP: lightwall_cast   a holy relic of Sahmie        100 cr
    - Usage: POINT <item> <dir> - Bestows the creation of lightwalls upon the holder.

AP: listen_painting  an eerie painting             800 cr
    - Drop this painting in your house, and from then on you'll be privy to anything said within your entire house, no matter where you are.

AP: lithograph       a demonic lithograph          300 cr
    - This demon will etch the current location, as you see it via LOOK, onto a slide. Store a picture of any event! The slides will eventually decay, but the demon is capable of remembering up to 50 pictures and can remake any of the pictures stored in memory. Use the LITHOGRAPH command to interact with it.

AP: minipetball      a colourful ball               15 cr
    - Play with your minipets! Throw the ball in a direction and your pet will run after, fetch it and then return it to you. SYNTAX: THROW BALL <dir>.

AP: minipet_deliver  a carrier tube                150 cr
    - This artifact allows your minipet to deliver items to other people! Due to safety concerns, this sadly does not work for pet rocks and other immobile pets. SYNTAX: MINIPET DELIVER <item> <target>

AP: moneypouch       a wyrmscale moneypouch        100 cr
    - Stores only gold, but can only be accessed by the owner. Prevents others from ever being able to force you to remove gold from it.

AP: overkill_extend  a helical bracer              100 cr
    - Doubles the length you can maintain your overkill buff for before it will time out.

AP: polymath                                       750 cr
    - This artifact will reduce the cooldown between switching classes to one hour.

AP: resolve          a stalwart armband            400 cr
    - Reduces stun duration by 35%.

AP: room_spy         an iron-wrought spyglass      400 cr
    - Allows you to see full emotes from an adjacent room.

AP: shock_sigil      a shock sigil                  50 cr
    - Acts like a flame sigil in all respects, except it allows only the owner to pick up the item it's attached to, or remove the sigil from an item it's attached to.

AP: shroud           a cloak of shadow             800 cr
    - Lets you use the occultist/serpent 'shroud' ability to conceal yourself from others.

AP: L1, L2, L3 soulbind
    A black soulstone, reduces the experience lost upon death.
    - L1             15% reduction                  50 cr
    - L2             25% reduction                 100 cr
    - L3             35% reduction                 200 cr

AP: spark_boon                                     500 cr
    - If you are holding an item with this property in your inventory, it will reduces spark costs by 50%.

AP: spirit_anchor                                  100 cr
    - Increases the speed to recover from deaths by 50%. This item must be in your inventory when you die for it to work properly.

AP: stability                                      250 cr
    - This property will allow the player to use the STABILITY command to gain the mass defence. This defence will not expire naturally, but can still be stripped by various skills.

AP: sunbane          an amulet of the moon         500 cr
    - Reduces damage that Vampires take from the sun. It will also eliminate any afflictions that the sun might deal out.

AP: sustenance       a golden bracelet of sustenance 550 cr
    - Eliminates your need for food and sleep. It will also prevent the nutrition draining effects of any attack used against you. While you will never fall below satiated, you will lose the 5% experience defense if you don't eat a little here and there.

AP: tombstone        a cast iron tombstone         200 cr
    - Dropping this in a graveyard will cause you to respawn there after the death sequence has finished instead of the Cave/Font. Doesn't work for vampires.

AP: transcriber      a demonic transcriber         300 cr
    - This demon is a master of mimicry! When used, it will listen to any speech in its location, and can recite it again later. The demon can remember up to 50 different conversations. Use the TRANSCRIBER command to interact with it.

AP: transmutation    a gem of transmutation       1000 cr
    - Lets the owner change race and statpack once every two hours. It also permits you to TRANSMUTE GENDER once per Howling. The gem will only work for its owner.

AP: travel_painting  a palm-print painting         200 cr
    - You can ATTUNE this painting to a room in the world, and then drop it in your house, allowing you to TOUCH the painting to travel to the attuned room. Can only be dropped in a player house. Attuned runes must be on Sapience, on the PMP, cannot be in a city, and cannot be in a stockroom. A monolith at the destination will also stop the effect.

AP: L1, L2, L3 triptycha_expand
    This artifact increases the number of tiles you can story in your triptycha cache.
    -L1               50% increase                  50 cr
    -L2              100% increase                 100 cr
    -L3              150% increase                 200 cr

AP: whitesight       goggles of whitesight         150 cr
    - Enables you to see in blizzards.

AP: L1, L2, L3 XPGain
    Increase your experience gain under any circumstances. The item must be in your inventory to have effect.
    - L1              5% increase                  250 cr
    - L2             10% increase                  500 cr
    - L3             15% increase                 1000 cr

AP: zephyr                                         250 cr
  - This property will give you the ability to walk on water. It must be put on a clothing item, and it must be worn to have effect. SYNTAX: [EMBRACE|RELEASE] ZEPHYR.