Ministry of War

10.4.2 Ministry of War

The Ministry of War is responsible for all military matters within 
a city. It is up to the Minister and his aides, along with volunteers 
of the city militia, to capture territory and plant the glorious flag of 
their homeland upon foreign shores. Expansion means prosperity, while 
contraction will surely result in poverty. Of course, a balance has 
to be struck between ploys to gain territory and the cost of troops. 
No nation can afford to fight forever and a diplomatic course is often 
the strongest.

Each city has a War Room. Certain military commands must be executed
from this room. Each city also has a Barracks, from which troops may 
be recruited.

The commands associated with the Ministry of War are as follows:

WARSTATUS <your city> :           See a basic list of the military
                                  status of your city. HELP WARSTATUS
                                  will explain more about the output
                                  of this command. Must be done from the
                                  War Room.

CITY MILITIA PROMOTE/DEMOTE :     Issue promotion or demotion to a
                                  a citizen militia member for
                                  meritorious military service.

CITY CONSCRIPT TYPES :            View the type of conscript that the
                                  city can train. The G column
                                  indicates guards, which can be
                                  deployed exclusively by the Ministry
                                  of Security. All other conscripts are
                                  by default soldiers, under the
                                  authority of the Ministry of War.

CITY CONSCRIPT PURCHASE [<howmany>] <conscript type> :
                                  Recruits a soldier (or division of
                                  soldiers), who will report immediately
                                  to the city barracks. A division must
                                  have at least 20 and no more than 100

CITY CONSCRIPT ASSIGN <conscript> TO <person> :
                                  Makes the indicated person that
                                  conscript's commander. Only the
                                  commander, a higher-ranking militia
                                  member, or a member of the War
                                  ministry may command conscripts.

CITY CONSCRIPT LIST :             Shows you all conscripts employed by
                                  the city. There are two types of
                                  conscript: (G)uard and (S)oldier.

ORDER <division> MARCH <direction>:Orders a division to march in a
                                  direction. Because of the time it
                                  takes to get a division moving, you
                                  will lose equilibrium for a few

ORDER <division> ATTACK <division> :
                                  Orders a division to attack another

ORDER <division> FORTIFY :        Orders a division to entrench in their
                                  current position, giving them a bonus
                                  to defense. This takes roughly 1/4 of
                                  an Aetolian day. Once fortified, the
                                  division will not be able to move.

ORDER <division> MOVEOUT :        Instructs a fortified division to
                                  strike fortifications and prepare to
                                  leave their position. This takes about
                                  1/4 of an Aetolian day.

ORDER <division> MERGE WITH <division>: 
                                  Orders a division to merge with
                                  another division. If the new division
                                  would have more than 100 members, then
                                  the new division will have whatever is
                                  left over (minimum 20).

ORDER <division> SHED <number> :  Orders a division to shed <number>
                                  members into a new division.

ORDER <division> CAPTURE HERE :   Orders a division to begin capturing
                                  a location. It will take approximately
                                  two Aetolian days to entrench and
                                  claim the spot. Only a location that
                                  is either inside your city or adjacent
                                  to a supply line may be captured. A
                                  supply line is defined as a series of
                                  locations you have captured that
                                  connect a direct path to your city's
                                  council chambers.

ORDER <division> BASH <direction>:Orders a division to bash down a door
                                  in the specified direction. You must
                                  control the division's current
                                  location, and the location on the
                                  other side of the door must be of
                                  strategic importance (like a barracks,
                                  council room, etc.)

ORDER <division> DISBAND :        Disbands the division. Only the
                                  Minister of War may do this.

TERRITORY <area optional> :       Shows you a list of all the territory
                                  that has been captured by your city.
                                  If you specify an area, such as
                                  Dakhota, Vashnar, Western Ithmia, etc,
                                  then it will show you a list of what
                                  territory you have captured in that
                                  area. This must be done from the War

TERRITORY CAPTURING :             Shows you a list of all the territory
                                  that you are currently trying to
                                  capture. This must be done from the
                                  War Room.

READMILLOG <city> <start> <months back>: 
                                  Read the military log for your city.
                                  or This works exactly the same as 
                                  reading MILLOG <city> <start> 
                                  <months back> the general logs. You 
                                  may omit both the <start> field and 
                                  <month> field if you wish to see the 
                                  beginning of the current month's log. 
                                  However, to see the beginning of 
                                  yesterday's log, you must do 
                                  READMILLOG ENORIAN 0 2, for instance, 
                                  would read the beginning of the log 
                                  from two months ago. This must be 
                                  done from the Council Room or the
                                  War Room.

FUNDS WAR :                       See how much money your Ministry has.

LIBERATE HERE :                   Liberate a location from your city's
                                  influence. Only the Minister of War
                                  or the city leader may do this. Doing
                                  so will cost you a small amount of
                                  'war experience,' about the same as
                                  you would gain capturing a location
                                  from an enemy.

CITYDEPOSIT WAR <amount> :        Adds gold from your hands to the
                                  War funds. Useful if your city is
                                  occupied by an enemy force. This
                                  must be done from the Council


Capturing territory is important because your city will earn valuable
commodities from the territory it controls.  As true military strength
can only come of a strong economy, this is vital.


It is important to ensure that there are always funds in the Ministry of
War's account, as not only do soldiers cost money to recruit, but they
are also paid wages each month. It is worth noting as well that all 
conscripts earn double wages when you are at war with another
organization, for hazard pay. Owning more than 300 troops when not at war 
incurs a 50% penalty to both Security and War conscript wages.