Ministry of the Steward

10.4.5 Ministry of the Steward

The Steward of a city is responsible for maintaining the bulk of the city
funds. He puts money in to the Treasury, as well as takes receipt of some
major revenue sources, such as banks and gambling. It is imperative that the
Steward be someone of unquestioned loyalty, for otherwise, the financial
health of your city will be in doubt.

The Steward has the following commands:

CONSIGN <amount>      : Consign money from the coffers to the Treasury. Must be
                        done from the Council Room. If you choose a negative
                        amount, then it will take it from the Treasury and
                        put it back into the coffers.

FUNDS COFFERS         : See how much is in the city coffers. Must be done from
                        Council Room.

FUNDS <ministry>      : See how much is in the various ministries (such as the
                        Treasury). Must be done from the Council Room.

APPROPRIATE BANK      : Take the withdrawn fees from your city's bank and
                        transfer them into the coffers. Must be done from
                        the Council Room.

READREVLOG/REVLOG     : This works exactly like the READLOG command in
                        HELP CITYCOMMANDS, but it is a log of ingoing and
                        outgoing city revenue.

WRITELOG REVENUE <msg>: Lets you write a message to the city's revenue logs.

CITY ECONSTATUS       : See some basic info about your city's economic status.