Mamashi Tunnels

25.13.19 Mamashi Tunnels

There once lived a Naldareth by the name of Nythanel. Not content with  
the structured learning of the Naldareth, he left the Silver Spire and  
sought a shortcut to power through the arts of Necromancy. Gathering    
together an army of undead warriors, Nythanel led them against the      
Mystics of the Misty Isles. He felt he could prove himself to the       
Naldareth by destroying their rivals once and for all.                  

The battle was a bloody one, but Nythanel's forces were destroyed by the
Bahkatu. Those who remained of Nythanel's forces concealed themselves in
a network of underground tunnels to the east of the Isles only to be    
caught up in the Grand Artifice and trapped when the tunnels were cut   
off from the surface.                                                   

Centuries later, the veil around the tunnels is torn open when an       
archaeological dig breaches into the tunnels. Though Nythanel's magic   
has not preserved him after all this time, the remnants of his followers
still exist, now formed into two distinct communities.