Maghuir Fissure

25.13.18 Maghuir Fissure

Many a year ago, Maghuir was a devout and bright-minded follower of Lady Chakrasul. However, in his attempts for more power and to descend Her Spiral, he lost all sense of being. The Lady recognized this, but still encouraged his experiments all the while.

As the leader of a group of dark priests that also looked highly upon Corruption, Maghuir performed a ritual in the Eastern Ithmia forest to open a fissure beneath the ground. Within, he carries out rituals of all sorts - namely the attempt to corrupt a pure fire elemental by the name of 'Anaeiu'. This fire elemental is the soul of the fissure that Maghuir tapped into.

Within, you will find Olaen - loyal to Duiran - trying to undermine Maghuir's work. Maghuir is so blinded by his insanity and pride that he does not notice, nor do his followers seem to. Someday, it is highly likely that this will come to be a failing point for this once intelligent man.

For now, Maghuir is respectful to those wanting to aid Corruption as he sees it. He wishes to please his Lady, who has since cast him aside as She does so many. If one is of the light, or Duiran, they will find themselves butting heads with his arrogance.