Maghak, the Sovereign

11.3.10 Maghak, the Sovereign

Reborn in the year 360MA from the union of the Divine essence of Air and the defeated shell of the Troll King of Hashan, Maghak claims dominion over the boundless skies and the storms that dwell within them. His path is one of violence, uncompromising resolve and unrelenting force of will, and only those who fight for their power tooth and nail are counted among His closest followers. Favouring cunning and decisive action over the subtle manipulations of His Brother Severn, but eschewing the blind hatred of Ivoln, the Sovereign teaches that power flows from the pursuit of Dominance, the achievement of Control and judicious use of Force.

Commerce, politics and outright warfare; the Sovereign counts all these as His fields of battle, and praises the victor who falls on their enemies like a great wind and seizes their prize without compromise or mercy. Compassion and generosity are meaningless fripperies to Him, irritating at best and outright disgusting at worst, and He looks upon his nobler kin with disdain. At times, He favours pirates and smugglers, those who brave His rapacious storms in pursuit of wealth; at others He chooses to lend His beneficence to innovators and engineers, those who strive to cast off the shackles of mortal frailness.

His symbols, among others, are a single golden sovereign, a playing card, and a falcon, while His favoured colours are white, blue and black.