Luminary Artifacts

23.4.5 Luminary Artifacts

Below are a list of artifact powers that directly affect those of the Luminary class. For additional information on artifacts and artifact powers AP provides a list of the syntax available.

AP: devotion_boon             a holy emblem of righteousness        500 cr
    - While in your inventory, this will lower the cost of any ability that uses devotion by 50%.

AP: devotion_regen            an Amulet of Lenci                    400 cr
    - Wearing this power will triple the amount of energy you gain from the natural Devotion regen.

AP: incorporeal_mastery       an imbued shroud                      350 cr
    - This artifact power will halve the passive drain upon your willpower while in lightform or blackwind.

AP: spark_boon                                                     500 cr
    - If you are holding an item with this property in your inventory, it will reduces spark costs by 50%.

AP: L1, L2, L3 hunt_luminary  
    A consecrated relic. The powers will increase the damage the player does to MOBILES ONLY while their current class is the class to which the power is attributed.
    -L1 hunt_luminary          5% bonus                             200 cr
    -L2 hunt_luminary         10% bonus                             400 cr
    -L3 hunt_luminary         15% bonus                             800 cr

AP: shieldstamp               the Searing Stamp of the Seraph       150 cr
    - Only found on the Searing Stamp of the Seraph, this power allows those with Spirituality to stamp the symbols of the Gods on their shields without needing inks and without using up balance.

AP: spark_meditate            a length of emberite prayer beads     450 cr
    - Using the MEDITATE command with this power will allow one to recover their inner spark at the same rate as if they were meditating on a guild flame. In addition to this, the rate at which you gain spark from the sun is quadrupled.