Lottery Event

18.2.4 Lottery Event

In order to participate in an Aetolian lottery, type LOTTERIES to see   
what lotteries you can enter.

If there is one available, you can LOTTERY INFO <lottery #> to get more
information, including the prizes, the ways to buy and the ticket costs.

There can be three different types of ways to buy tickets:
1. You can buy tickets from the person who is running the lottery.
2. If the runner has decided to allow it, you can buy tickets at the    
Lottery Office in Esterport.
3. And finally, if the runner has enabled it, tickets can be bought at a 
ticket box, the location specified in LOTTERY INFO <lottery #>.

The syntax for buying tickets is BUY TICKET IN <lottery #>. To buy more 
than one ticket, you can do BUY <amount> TICKETS IN <lottery #>. You want to 
buy tickets for someone else? Just do BUY TICKET IN <lottery #> FOR         

The Lottery Office can be found in Esterport.

When the lottery is over, the winning tickets are drawn by the lottery  
runner. Gold prizes will have to be claimed with the runner or at the Lottery
Office in Esterport.

In case the lottery had alternative prizes (i.e. non gold), these will  
have to be claimed at the lottery runner personally.


LOTTERIES    : List all lotteries you can participate in.

BUY TICKET IN <lottery#> : Buys a ticket in the specified lottery number
                           for yourself. If you want to buy a ticket for a 
                           friend, append FOR <friend's name>. Your friend 
                           will be notified of your generosity. Some lotteries
                           may be restricted to let you buy tickets for
                           yourself only.

BUY <amount> TICKETS IN <lottery#> : Buy more than one ticket. Please   
                                     note, some lotteries may have a 
                                     maximum amount of tickets per person.

LOTTERY INFO <lottery #> : Get information on a lottery. This will also 
                           show your ticket numbers.

LOTTERY CLAIM <ticket #> : Use this to claim gold prizes only. This can 
                           be done at the Lottery Office in Esterport or from
                           the lottery runner. Obviously you will have to have 
                           the winning  ticket.