Liar's Dice

18.2.3 Liar's Dice

The game of Liar's Dice is gambling game currently popular amongst the citizens of Delve. It requires two or more players.

Syntax overview
 - Initiate, or join, a game of Liar's Dice.

 - Pay the ante for the current round.

 - View your current hand.

DICE CLAIM <quantity> <face> 
 - On your turn, claim you have a certain quantity of a face value.

 - On your turn, challenge the claim the previous player has made.

Rules overview
The rules of Liar's Dice are simple and fast to pick up, contributing to its huge popularity in Delve.

On your turn, you must increase on the previous claim.
 * You can increase either the quantity or the face, or both.
 * You cannot decrease either of the numbers below the previous claim's.

Everybody starts with five dice.

If you lose a challenge, you sacrifice one of your die.
 * Should you fall below three die, you are out of the game.

Game flow

 - Once a game has been initiated, players have 15 seconds in which to DICE PLAY to join in.

 - Now that the game has started, you'll have 20 seconds in which to pay the ante with DICE PAY ANTE.
 - Failure to pay the ante will remove you from the game.

 - All players will roll their dice and look their hand, being careful not to reveal it to others.

 - The game will now rotate through each player.
 - On your turn, you must either claim a higher claim, or challenge the previous claim.

 - When claiming, you are saying how many dice you have of a specific face value.
 - Your claim has to be higher than the previous person's claim.
 - You can lie, but if you get caught out, you'll lose the round and sacrifice a die.

 - Instead of claiming, you can instead choose to challenge the previous claim if you think they are lying.
 - If you are right, you'll win the round and the loser has to sacrifice a die.
 - If you are wrong, you lose the round and need to sacrifice a die.
 - After a challenge, the game goes back to the 'Roll' step, unless there is only one player remaining.

 - You will be out of the game if you fall below three dice.

 - You win the game if no other players remain, and you'll receive the pot's value.