17.1.8 Kobold

The kobolds of Sapience have a long and tumultuous history, seen as early as the First Epoch. Along with the goblins, they are the children of the former Goddess Khepri, the Trickster, prototypes to Her favored imps, and had been driven from the land of Sehal early on due to perceived inferiority.

Through to the Second Epoch, the kobolds served as mercenaries and lackeys to the powerful dark mages of the Indoron Empire. Today's kobolds retain their skill at casting spells, though to find a  descendant of the Indoron Empire among them is rare. Physically, the kobolds resemble humanoid canines who stand upright, with a pronounced hunch and a dog-like face.

Working close with their sister race, the goblins, kobolds tended to more spiritual and creative forays, being expert stone and gemcutters. In the distant past, they were often seen as far south as El'Jazira, and as far north as the Great Rock, where they would war against the Ophidians. This was the case up until they were united and compelled to dig what is known today as the underground castle of Azdun.

In modern times, the kobold race gravitates toward the underground lifestyle, founding the city of Siha Dylis with their fellow goblins to welcome their displaced brothers and sisters. Unfortunately for them, the kobolds fared far worse than their goblin counterparts, as the slave lifestyle was especially taxing on their bodies. They are but a fraction of the size of the goblin population, and to see one outside of the settlement is sadly rare.