Khauskin Mines

25.13.15 Khauskin Mines

The city of Bloodloch was once a fruitful mine of the Dwarves, but was  
abandoned long ago because the raw materials the Dwarves sought to      
prosper from ran out, and they could go no further than the lava caverns
below. The Dwarves left Bloodloch, setting up a small village in the    
Dakhota Hills where they began to create a new mine, a smaller and less
prosperous mine than their enormous city of Bloodloch.                  

As the Dwarven village grew, and became known as Khauskin, their        
prosperity also increased. New gems and raw materials were discovered   
beneath the Dakhotas, and the Dwarves decided to continue their mining  
efforts, going deeper than ever. As their mine went deeper they broke   
through into the lava caverns of their forgotten city. Enraged at the   
sight of Undead infesting their beloved mine, the Dwarves pressed on,   
but were thwarted when the vampiric warlord, Mihail, swept into the mine
and blocked the newly excavated entrance. For the time being the        
opposing forces are at a stand still, each trying desperately to stop   
the plans of the other.