Keg Race

18.3.6 Keg Race

The Keg Race is a footrace involving carrying a large keg filled with strong ale and racing around an established course. It is the ultimate test of holding your alcohol - in more than one way!

The course starts outside Esterport at room v1422. It follows the highways/roads up to North of Trees, and down all the way to the Mhojave, through the Mhojave and El'jazira, through the Shamtota Caverns, across the Shamtota Hills, down into the Pash Valley, across the Pash Valley into the back entrance of Arbothia, through Arbothia, then finally up the bridges back to the starting point!

Race participants MUST walk through each room ***in sequence*** for it to count. You will be prompted each time you move on what direction you need to go in.

There is no need to take yourself to the start of the course when the event is initiated - all participants are teleported there when the race starts.

The only way you can move during a keg race (outside of special keg race abilities) is to STUMBLE <dir>. Stumbling is a delayed movement, which increases in speed the more drunk you are. It starts at 5 seconds to move while completely sober, and 1 second to move if you're as drunk as possible.

Start moving in the specified direction.

Forgot where you need to go? Hit this to check!

Take a sip from your keg to increase your drunkeness (and thus speed) a little bit.

This can be used once every 10 to 20 seconds. This will both increase your drunkeness (a lot more than a sip), as well as grant you an ability that you can use once. The drunker you are, the faster the cooldown.

Lists the abilities you currently have.

Most commands will be disabled for the event, however you should still be able to use curatives in the event of taking damage (i.e. from alcohol poisoning).

While you should be protected from most forms of attacks during the race, it's still very possible to die from severe alcohol poisoning if you can't manage your alcohol intake. Should you take lethal damage during the event, you will simply be healed and stunned for 5 seconds, and have a little bit of your drunkeness taken away.

Interfering with the course, or disrupting other participants will cause you to be disqualified, and possibly punished by administration. The only exception of course is if you're using the various keg abilities.

Abilities can be used once before they disappear, although it's possible to get an ability back through chugging. You can hold as many abilities at once as you want - though this runs the risk of getting an ability you already have.

You can use KEG at any time by itself to see a list of your current abilities, and then use KEG <ability> to activate it.

You drop your keg and ride it by running on it while it's rolling. Takes you 4 to 8 rooms ahead on the course and stuns anybody you encounter along the way. The drunker you are, the further you go!

You toss your keg ahead of you, stunning whoever is ahead of you. The drunker you are, the longer the stun will be!

Spills some beer on the ground. The next 1 to 4 people to enter will slip and fall, stunning them. The drunker you are, the more people it can affect.

The mighty projectile vomit will hit whoever is furthest ahead in the race, stunning them. The drunker you are, the longer the stun will be!

Spray booze all over the course. This will get in the racers' eyes and give them blackout for a few seconds.

Go into a drunken rage, becoming immune to stun for 4 seconds.

Gain sudden clarity, making immune to drunk effects for a short time.

In a feat of illogical strength, you'll hurl your keg across the continent and hit whoever is in first place, stunning them for 10 seconds. This gives the target a 2 second warning before it hits them. Strangely, the Keg always returns to you immediately. 

KEG SLIDE <direction>
Slides in a direction, taking you up to three rooms in the target direction at once.

There are also a couple of obstacles along the course that you will need to deal with!

A wayward cow will appear on the highways passing by the Ithmia forest (room v25724). Every 10 seconds the cow will rest, blocking off the northwest exit. Then the next 10 seconds it will graze, allowing passage. If it's blocking off passage, you can choose to either wait it out, or bypass it by taking a detour through the Western Ithmia (north, and then west).

A Mud Pit will appear somewhere along the old road, and a second one in the Pash. Entering the room will cause you to be stuck for 10 seconds. However, if someone else enters the room after you get stuck, you'll become free a little earlier. The person who entered won't get stuck either. The mud pit will eventually dry up after a certain number of participants get stuck.