Jewelcraft Approval Guidelines

22.2.6 Jewelcraft Approval Guidelines

Jewelcrafting is one of the more elaborate crafting practices available. These guidelines are in addition to your typical design guidelines.

1. Use common sense and make your item out of actual commodities. Realistic commodities. You cannot make a ring of light or anything crazy like that.

2. There are a handful of items, chosen by Becue, that can have a 'glow' property of some fashion. Refer to HELP SPECIAL COMMODITIES for a list. You cannot request any be added to this list.

3. Do not assume how the light will hit an item when designing.

4. Do not assume how the person feels looking at the item.

5. Make sure your design is using the appropriate reference that you wish it to. If it doesn't exist, contact Becue to see if it can be added. HELP JEWELCRAFT REFERENCES.

6. Do not describe items as having any sort of magical properties. Only Divine can make magical items.

7. If you want to do cloisonne enameling, you will use the term 'kiln enameling' instead.

When in doubt, ask Becue.