Iron Epicurean

18.5.4 Iron Epicurean

The Iron Epicurean is a periodic contest for Aetolian chefs of all ages. Anyone (not only individuals with the Cooking miniskill) can participate, provided you feel your culinary skills are up to the test. The Epicurean is held and judged by Felix, the Gourmand, with his assistant prep cooks providing a helping hand. 


The Iron Epicurean is located at 'The Epicurean Eatery' a little ways east of North of Trees. Former Epicurean superstar dishes are available for purchase and consumption here, and it is open year-round. During the Iron Epicurean competition, non-participants will be able to view the action live from this eatery. It's a sight not to be missed!

How it Works

The Iron Epicurean will be centered around a mystery theme ingredient, which will only be revealed to the competing chefs when the contest begins. 

The second stage of the competition involves an ingredient challenge, which will vary with each subsequent Iron Epicurean. This could be anything from a random grab-bag, an ingredient scramble, and other mini-games and tests of skill. Be on your feet and ready for anything!

The third and final stage of the competition has the competing chefs competing to create the best single dish to submit for judging. This is done real-time, and can only involve the ingredients won in the competition! Accessory ingredients essential to the dish are exempt from this rule, provided they are not featured prominently. The winning dish will successfully combine AND feature the chef's main ingredients in a delicious gourmet experience, as judged by our resident Gourmand and his assistant prep cooks.

The winning dish will become a permanent addition to the eatery, and its creator crowned Iron Epicurean for as long as his or her term lasts. Additionally, the winner will receive the Hat of the Iron Epicurean, imbued with special Ankyrean powers suitable for a master chef!

Related Commands
EPICUREAN JOIN   - Joins the Iron Epicurean, if there is one being hosted.
DISH             - Brings up a list of syntaxes to view and edit your custom dish.

Remember to use tokens when referring to your diner in the 3p descriptions.

             $(name$)         - Person eating the dish.
             $(him$)          - Him / Her
             $(he$)           - He / She
             $(his$)          - His / Her

Example: $(name$) eats $(his$) loaf of bread with a loud crunch.
         Severn eats his loaf of bread with a loud crunch.

Note: Unlike normal cooking, it is possible to create several eaten messages for the enjoyment of your patrons. The bonus eating messages appear a few seconds after the previous eaten messages. Take your dining room guests on a decadent culinary experience!