Introductory Tour

1.5.1 Introductory Tour

When a character enters Aetolia for the first time, he will be put upon Slaver's Isle, an island far east of Sapience's mainland. This will begin Aetolia's automated novice introduction.

This introduction is intended to give new players some basic information about Aetolia, as well as providing a bit of a story for them. The introduction consists of four quests and some additional information about guilds and cities.

A player cannot be inducted into a guild until he or she has finished the newbie introduction. If a newbie becomes lost, be sure to remind him that he or she can type REMEMBER for a reminder, or have their intro restarted by one of the Guides or Gods if necessary.- Want to slow down or speed up the tour? Type SLOWDOWN or SPEEDUP.
- Forgotten what to do? Type REMEMBER.

- Need other help? Send a tell to one of the Guides (HELP GUIDES), or turn
  on the newbie channel with NEWBIEON, and then speak by doing:
  newbie Can anyone help me?

- You can access the full help file system with HELP HELPSYSTEM.

- There are no wrong choices or answers in the tour!