13.15.3 Instances

Instances are, essentially, individual bashing areas that reset after a certain amount of time - ensuring that you have a place you and you alone can go to. The only one of these at present is lower Xaanhal. The timer reset on Xaanhal, usually, is close to two hours from when you enter the lower area. When that time rolls around, if you are in the instance, you will be kicked out so that all things can reset.

You can share your instance with another person, or several other people. A player can SYNC or SYNCHRONIZE <person> to 'sync' up to another player and enter their instance. Please note that when you do this, the player who you sync to MUST enter the instance first before you do or you will create your own separate instance - forcing the two (or however many) of you to wait until the reset before you can try to enter again unless the other person has managed to not enter an instance. Then, they can sync to YOU and enter YOUR instance, rather than the initial plan.

You can only be synchronized to one instance at a time. Even if you try to synchronize to another person, your instance will still be whatever one you last entered until the timer resets.