Important Rulings

22.3.1 Important Rulings

This is where we keep note of important crafting rulings that those that craft should be aware of.

- It is acceptable for a wood commodity to be used for woods that do not directly have their own type of wood in the game, so long as they could feasibly exist in the game.

- It is completely feasible that drinks with weed in them might provide a minor amount of hallucinations. However, one must be careful on how they approach this and may need approval by Becue on a case by case basis.

- Hyphens are not always required where one might think. A good reference to read into is Note that if the appearance has a comma within it, a hyphen not be required.

- Crystals can be used in place of gems when a specific gem is not mentioned, so long as the colors or qualities of the crystal does not contradict what the gem is described as being in the design.

- Sandals, if used on the clothing pattern, must contain a sole. If you wish to make a sole-less sandal, known as a barefoot sandal, you can use the anklet design in jewelcrafting.

- Named weapon designs are restricted to the artifact customization runes and special, specific NPCs. ("Staff of Sundering", "the bastard sword Vengeance")

- Because champagne is available in a NPC shop, it can be created in regular drink designs.

- Sunglasses are not okay, if they are specifically looking to provide protection from sunlight. However, tinted glass being used in glasses is fine.

- Race terminology - these are specific to these races: Albedi, Djeirani, Idrethi, Xorani.

- Within intelligent reason, the word 'breasts' can be used in a design. Designs do not necessarily have to be gender-neutral.

- Do not submit snarky designs, meant to elicit a specific response from a specific person. Meaning, if there is an argument going on among the crafters, do not go submitting a design for 'fun'. Unless you are submitting a legitimate design that you plan to use, do not waste the time of others and submit such things for approval.

- Vials cannot be made completely out of gems, crystals, or any other similar adornment that would be placed into jewelry. This is too similar to artifact vials. Glass can be used, but should be expected to be fairly basic.

- Items cannot be made to brand you as another person's property.

- Do not make items out of woods named from specific areas. This goes really for any materials, not just woods, but it seems to need to be specified.