Iernian Fracture

25.16.9 Iernian Fracture

Located beneath the Putoran Hills, the Iernian Fracture is all that remains of a one-time Ascendril facility that collapsed entirely into the depths of the ley. Accessed solely through the providence of mysterious Delve technology, the Fracture is torn with wild, unfettered storms of chaos and feral magic. Insane, fractured eld rip free of the sundered leyline nexus to populate it, in numbers far vaster than any site found on the continent above.

The profusion of elemental and leyline energy makes for a bountiful harvest for any brave enough to delve within, but any visit must be brief; the Fracture is a savage and violent place, wracked with terrible energies, and any who enter should be prepared to part with their lives, either at the hands of the insane eld within, or those of their rival ylem hunters.

NOTE: Entering the Fracture grants a ylem aura and hence makes anyone within open PK. All the usual rules concerning ylem auras apply (HELP YLEM, HELP RESEARCH).