5.13 Hunger

After you have graduated from Aetolia's novice introduction, you will gradually start growing hungry. Typing STATUS will show you how hungry you are. If you allow yourself to get too hungry, you can get sick, and eventually pass out.

In order to eat, you will need to find yourself a shop that sells food. Generally speaking, comprehensive dishes (plates, sandwiches, etc.) will fill you up more than lighter fare (snacks, cookies, etc.). If you don't wish to eat all of the food at once, just NIBBLE away at it instead!

Once you have reached level 80, you will find that your mastery over your own body is sufficient to keep yourself immune to most downsides of starvation. 

The levels of hunger, as shown in STATUS, are as follows:

  1) utterly satiated

  2) reasonably full

  3) not hungry

  4) feeling a bit peckish

  5) weak from hunger

  6) starving to death

If you are utterly satiated, you will find you have a defense granting +5% experience!

If you are starving to death, and below level 80, you will find yourself having disturbed equilibrium, taking damage, even falling unconscious from hunger.

Everyone who is starving to death will suffer from half endurance and willpower regenerations.

Vampires and Shapeshifters

Vampires will find they gain nourishment from FEEDing.

Shifters will gain nourishment from eating CARRION. Gross.