House Mobs

23.5.4 House Mobs

A house mob is a mobile you can purchase for your house/haven. Unlike pets, the mobile can never leave the confines of your house. House mobs can only be purchased by the owner of the house.

The basic price of a house mob is 200 credits, which gets you:
- The mob itself (including fully customized descriptions and name)
- Mob will be level 20 (See note)
- The ability to move it about via tells
- The ability to order it to wander, or remain still.
- Resets to a defined room in your house in case of death.

House mobs are non-refundable.

Mob levels do not correspond directly to player levels. A level 20 mob is roughly equivalent to something like a Cerberus from the Great Rock, a level 120 mob to a squirrel from Kalydian, and a level 220 mob to a weaker end-game area mob. Actual bashing area mobs will often have attacks that are stronger than their actual level, so your results may vary.

Beyond these basic features, you can purchase the following addons:
Env. Confined     15cr   Mob cannot wander into a different environment.  
Sentience         25cr   Grants the mob the ability to speak and emote.
Coward            25cr   Flees the room whenever it's attacked.
Guardian          50cr   Responds to any other house mobs you have nearby
                         when they are attacked, like a guard.
Teacher          100cr   Mob is capable of teaching skills.
Sentry           100cr   Attacks people on your enemy list if they walk in
                         the room
Blackjack*       100cr   Blackjack dealer (comes with table)
Roulette*        100cr   Roulette dealer (comes with table)
Tough            150cr   +100 levels, can be purchased twice.

*Note: Blackjack and Roulette need to be on separate mobs, and cannot be in the same room. You will need to contact Razmael to set those features up.

House mobs can also use the reactions system to give them life. Refer to HELP REACTIONS for more information.

* Mundane mobs only. That means no dragons, unicorns and other sorts of extraordinary beast.

* There must be already an existing type of mob in Aetolia that is the same type of creature as the mob you are ordering.

In order to create a house mob, you must make use of the customisation system outlined in HELP CUSTOMISATION.

1) Do CUSTOMISE NEW HOUSEMOB to get started.
2) Set the type, which can either be the mobs name (e.g. "Steve") or some other good one-word description for the mob (e.g. "butler", "xorani")
3) Set the appearance, dropped, examined, enter, leave and death messages.
4) Set any additional features you want.
5) Assign a room for it. You can only assign a room that is part of a house you personally own or your haven.
6) Submit

TELL <mob> EMOTE <xx>        - any built-in emote, like nod, or weep.*
TELL <mob> EMOTE EMOTE <xx>  - any free-form emote.*
TELL <mob>> SAY <whatever>   - mob will say whatever you want.*
TELL <mob> WANDER            - mob will wander about the house
TELL <mob> STILL             - mob will stay still
TELL <mob> GO <direction>    - mob will move in a direction, if within house
* Must have sentient upgrade