4.3 Honors

By typing VIEW HONOURS <player> you may see some publically available   
information about that player. This information should be considered    
generally known enough as to be common knowledge.                       


   VIEW HONOURS <player>
   HONOURS <player>


A typical honours would be as follows:

Lady Asteria, Watcher of the Heavens.
She is 140 years old, having been born on the 6th of Severin, year 89 of
the Midnight Age.
She is ranked 413th in Aetolia.
She is a Vagabond in the Fellowship of Explorers.
She is a member of the clan called 'The Ohmsford Clan'.
She has written a personal background.
She is considered to be approximately 50% of your might.

The first line shows the person's name and title. The second shows her  
age, as well as the date that she was born. Next comes her overall rank 
in Aetolia. This is based solely on the amount of experience she has    
gained, and a full list of the experience rankings can be seen in       
RANKINGS (or RANKINGS [#]).                                             

Then is her rank in the Fellowship of Explorers. This is a measure of   
how much of Aetolia she has explored - when you compare to HELP         
EXPLORERS, she hasn't explored very much at all!                        

Afterwards come any clans she has joined, or that she might be in       
possesion of, that are available to public view. She appears to be in a 
family clan and nothing more, though there may be hidden ones!          

The next line shows that she has written a background. If she were a    
real character, you could VIEW BACKGROUND ASTERIA to try to read it.    

After that is an approximation of her might compared to your own. This  
is based solely on how many lessons both you and she have spent learning
your skills. Someone who is 0% your might has probably learned very     
little, and someone who is 3000% your might obviously has spent a lot of
time on their backside learning.                                        

You will find other information when using the command, but these are   
the most common ones.