Halls of Tornos

25.13.34 Halls of Tornos

In the years before their downfall in the Second Ankyrean war that would usher in a new era, the old Conclaves flourished, delving into magics and experiments that would prove great strides forward for civilization, including the advent of their powerful artifacts. During this time period the Conclaves of Magic and Art carved out their laboratories deep beneath the permafrost and frozen ground of the endless tundra that sprawled out north of the great Citadel, where they pursued their studies with little interference from the Dhasans. The labs at this time also housed experiments conducted by the Conclave of Science and Nature, dissective studies of animals and dubious forays into splicing and combining animal attributes with different hosts.

Once the Ankyrean Order fell, the laboratories were largely evacuated and succumbed to the rigors of the frozen north, leaving the botched experiments contained within. Over time the structural integrity began to fail, crumbling ceilings giving way and trapping tundra creatures in the collapsing rooms, eventually leading to its discovery once more. The Halls of Tornos prove to be quite the lure to intrepid adventurers looking to plumb its forgotten depths and witness for themselves the horrors that yet walk its laboratories.