Guild Sanction

8.7.3 Guild Sanction

Guildmasters and secretaries have the ability to grant guild sanction to others. Guild sanction is a means of displaying trust to an outsider, and enables individuals who are not members of a given guild to be viewed as an ally or trusted individual, adding unique benefits to their class abilities that non-guild members/non-sanctioned individuals will not have access to.

Additionally, guilds may allow sanctioned individuals to have the ability to enter their guild halls. If a guild wishes to allow this functionality to sanctioned individuals, the guildmaster needs to only submit a formal ORGREQ requesting as much. Please see HELP ORGREQ for further clarification on this process.

Guild sanction may be granted and retracted at any time at the whim of the guildmaster and guild secretaries.

Relevant Syntaxes:

GUILD SANCTION GRANT <player> - Grant guild sanction to another
GUILD SANCTION RETRACT <player> - Retract guild sanction from another
GUILD SANCTION LIST - List all those who have been granted guild sanction

Guild sanction benefits are listed below:

Monk and Zealot
  - 5 additional mindprints
  - The balance cost on entering a stance is halved.
  - Campsites will last 1 RL day (as opposed to 1 IG day).
  - Companions will have 10% additional max health.
  - Redemption aura will have a 10% bonus against mobiles.
  - Bladefire charging is very slightly increased.
  - 15 additional uses for each new pact.
  - 5 additional universe exits. See AB for details.
  - ANGEL REFUGE will take you to a special place above Nirvana, with
exits to the Luminary Guildhall entrance, Duiran, and Esterport.
  - The rate of Devotion gain is boosted.
  - A new ability: PHASEVEIL. Hides you from PHASESENSE at a DRAMATICALLY
increased endurance gain.
  - Your SIGNs will be incomprehensible to non-sanctioned Syssin.
  - 10 additional kenneled hounds.
  - Increased cap on Soul.
  - Increases the longevity of the Codex and Token by 20%.
  - CONTEMPLATE SPHERES channel time will be halved.
  - Your second instance of sand will not incur a willpower drain. This
does not stack with the 'enhanced_sand' artifact power.
  - Golems will benefit from 20% damage mitigation.
Ascendril and Sciomancer
  - Use of Crystalhome and access to the guild's Master Crystal.
  - Reduced equilibrium and mana costs on Simultaneity.
  - Your second instance of overgrowth will not incur a willpower drain.
This does not stack with the 'enhanced_greenfoot' artifact power.
  - An additional songline totem.