Great Hunt

18.3.5 Great Hunt

The Great Hunt is a competition that comes to Aetolia once or twice every decade. In it, hunters compete to see who can acquire the most points by slaying the monsters and denizens of the realm. Depending on the strength of the creature slain, hunters can gain from 1 to 5 points towards their total score.                                     

Gaining points
You will gain 1 to 5 points per NPC slain, depending on its strength. But there are some exceptions, listed below:
  - Anything that grants no experience will be worth 0 points.
  - NPCs in an instance will grant 0 points (e.g. Xaanhal).
  - Elds are worth 0 points.
  - NPCs loyal to something are worth 0 points.
  - Elementals from the Globes are worth only 1 point.

Global effects
Something special global effects are applied during a Great Hunt:
   - NPCs will respawn twice as fast as normal.
   - Everybody has double experience gain. 
   - The sun will not burn vampires.

   See a list of the current rankings.

   See your current score in the Great Hunt.

   See your rank in your current level tier. The tiers are broken into ranks 
   according to level at the beginning of the hunt. Tier one are levels 1-98, 
   tier two is 99+.