9.8.5 Fumology

The Fumology talent deals in the use and creation of fragrant blends from a variety of herbs that can be used to create packets suitable for use in cigars, cigarillos, blunts, and cigarettes. These blends may also be used in hookahs created by other crafters within Aetolia.

The talent of Fumology can be bought from Ood in Delve (room 33850) for 70 credits.

Ood's shop also sells designs so that fumologists can design their own smokes and incenses. You can also ASK OOD WARES to buy from him papers, oils and leaves necessary for the production of fumology.

       BLEND NEW <id> <name>
       BLEND DELETE <id>
       BLEND <id> PRIMARY <ingredient>
       BLEND <id> SECONDARY <ingredient>
       BLEND <id> FINALIZE
       BLEND <id> PREPARE

       ROLL <design> WITH <blend>
       ROLL <design>

A blend is a combination of herbs, prepared using the syntax listed under BLEND. First, create your blend template, and then from this you may create a packet of the blended herbs. Blends can be used in smokeable items like cigars and cigarettes, and are placed inside hookahs for smoking as a group. Both incense and candles does not require a blend. Please note that any smell/scent/light/etc
lines used, when applicable (like candles), will not recognize the $(dye$) tag.

Usage: LIGHT <incense>
       MOULD <design>

When designing incense and candles, the smell message is what will be outputted periodically after it has been lit. This must conform to whatever additional ingredients you have included.

Usage: LIGHT <smoke>
       SMOKE <smoke>
       BLOW SMOKE AT <target>
       EXTINGUISH <smoke>

Usage: PUT <blend> IN <hookah>
       LIGHT <hookah>
       SMOKE <hookah>

Hookahs cannot be made by a fumologist, but their blends can be used within them.