Forging References

22.5.3 Forging References

These are your options for the various forging items that can be made. Special note: Weapons and armor, in forging, can be referred to as "weapon", "armor", or "sword" for the purpose of using these objects. You must use the fullname of the available reference tags. These cannot be used as an alternative names for your design. 

For example, if you wish to design 'a small shield', you would still need to specify the shield type as 'a small buckler shield' or something of that variety - making sure to find a design that fits the look of the item. This applies also to weapons. So, if you wish to make 'a child's sword' you would need to do 'a child's shortsword' or something of that fashion.

Some of these references are self-contained (e.g. "byrnie" is the full name of a type of armor and needs no clarification). For others, such as "rawhide" for leather, it is necessary to specify the item as "rawhide armour". See below for examples of when this must be used.

Any instance of "armour" may be replaced with "armor".

Design #    |  Item Description              | Available Reference Tags |
164            a pair of large pauldrons       pauldrons | pauldron
                                               spaulders | jackchains
5130           an ornate steel rapier          rapier      
5131           a wooden club                   club      
5132           a needle-pointed dirk           dirk      
5133           a hunter's spear                spear      
5134           a massive halberd               halberd | polearm      
5135           a steel shortsword              shortsword     
5136           a Basilican mace                mace      
5137           a throwing axe                  handaxe | throwing axe     
5138           a bardiche                      bardiche | polearm      
5139           an elegant crozier              crozier      
5140           an obsidian dagger              dagger | knife | seax      
5141           an iron-tipped whip             whip | lash      
5142           a morning star                  morningstar      
5143           a blackened warhammer           warhammer | hammer      
5145           a sleek javelin                 javelin      
5146           a menacing flail                flail      
5147           a gladiator's trident           trident      
5148           a dwarven battleaxe             battleaxe | axe      
5149           a Delosian bastard sword        bastard sword      
5150           a knight's lance                lance      
5151           a gleaming scimitar             scimitar | sabre      
5152           a steel Theran broadsword       broadsword     
5153           a shining steel longsword       longsword      
5161           a suit of leather armour        leatherarmour | rawhide
                                               lamellar | cuirbouilli
                                               harness | padded | aketon      
5162           a suit of ring mail             ringmail | disc | jazerant      
5163           a suit of scale mail            scalemail | scale | hauberk
                                               haubergeon | laminar      
5164           a suit of steel chain mail      chainmail | chain | byrnie      
5165           a suit of splint mail           splintmail | splint
5168           field plate armour              fieldplate | field | plate
                                               platemail | brigandine
5169           full plate armour               fullplate | platemail
5170           a buckler                       buckler      
5171           a cavalry shield                cavalry       
5172           a banded shield                 banded       
5173           a kite shield                   kite     
5176           a tower shield                  tower     
5177           a bread pan                     breadpan | pan      
5178           a metal pie plate               pieplate | plate      
5179           a metal cookie sheet            sheet | cookiesheet      
5180           a cast-iron cooking pot         pot | skillet| roaster
                                               stockpot | saucepan | pan
5187           a three-footed iron cauldron    cauldron      
5204           a metal pastry pan              pastrypan | pan      
5238           a cast-iron kettle              kettle      
5249           a suit of canine armour         armour | armor      
7922           a sweeping, polished falchion   falchion | falcata    
10588          a simple iron helmet            helm | helmet      
10717          a curved steel falx             falx      
15627          a narrow, sinuous flyssa        flyssa    
17731          a long, leaf-bladed sarissa     sarissa | spear      
17886          a large flanged greatmaul       maul | greatmaul      
18685          a long-staffed glaive           glaive
11506          an iron gorget                  gorget
19196          a gruesome crescent scythe      scythe
21471          a set of metal fangs            fangs