7.3.3 FluidCache

The fluidcache is an innate storage spot for all the fluids one needs to survive in Aetolia. 

By default, fluidcaches can hold 1500 sips of each fluid, but the 'expand_fluidcache' artifact power greatly increases that capacity.

When you use the last sip of a vial for which you have corresponding fluidcache reserves, that vial will automatically refill. 

To see what is in your fluidcache: 
To fill an empty vial from your fluidcache:
   - FLUIDCACHE FILL <fluid>
To refill your fluidcache from a cask:
   - BUY REFILL OF <substance/cask> FOR FLUIDCACHE
   Note: Shop transactions will fill 100 sips at a time by default.
To fill your fluidcache from a vial:
   - FLUIDCACHE CONSUME <container/vial number/substance>

At this time, only curatives may be stored in your fluidcache.