7.7 Figurines

Figurines are collectible cosmetic miniatures that come in sets representing a certain theme. You can currently only obtain figurines through promotions such as giftbags, but there will be other options in the future.

Once obtained, Figurines can be stored and removed from your collection, which works in a similar fashion to a cache. Adding a figurine to your collection forever binds it to you, but until then it's able to be traded with other players. When in your collection, you can view the figurine in more detail, and see a short information blurb that describes what the figurine represents.

Should you manage to collect all the figurines in a set, you will receive a special golden figurine for that set. These golden figurines will emit periodic echoes when dropped in a room.

List all the figurines you have in your collection. Optional argument to filter the list by a set.

FIGURINES ADD <figurine>
Add a figurine into your collection, forever binding it to you. This is irreversible so tread carefully!

Remove a figurine from your collection, so you put it on display somewhere. The figurine is still bound to you, so you still cannot trade it away.

View more information on a figurine in your collection.

Recalls all bound figurines to you that aren't inside the collection.

Shows the current number of figurines you've collected for each set, and the total for each set (including the golden figurine). Only shows it for sets you have at least one figurine for!