Feral Caves

25.13.10 Feral Caves

Tucked away in the deepest shadows of the Vashnar mountains, near the roaring of the Morland Falls, once lived a band of well-intentioned vampires, who established a colony some years past after breaking the bond with their sire, the vampire Lord Zsarachnor. For various personal reasons, they feed only on the blood of animals. They lived in civility for many years before their Master, Lord Zsarachnor, discovered their home, and laid waste to the various villagers to declare his power.

For many years, his own vampiric minions called the caves home, until a vile sludge eeped into the area and drove them away. Along with this pollution was the sickening discovery of massive blobs, which roll their gelatinous bodies about the tunnels and attack any adventurer who dares to enter their home.