Fan Sites

19.17.1 Fan Sites

A fan site is any web site about Aetolia built and operated by players.

Examples might be a guild site with quizzes for guild novices, or a site documenting Aetolian history and people, or an online Aetolian atlas. Aetolia's
administration supports fan sites by providing links from to
qualifying fan sites.

If you'd like us to link to your site, please first make sure your site adheres
to the following guidelines:

 - Must provide a link back to

 - Must not require a user account to access. Browsers from
should be free to peruse the bulk of your content without having to sign up for
anything. If your site has general-topic message boards, they should be readable by anonymous guests. It is acceptable to require an account to post on the  message boards though, and sensitive content (such as guild secrets) may also be protected by a user login.

 - Must be constructive in nature. No hate or rant sites.

 - Must not promote or facilitate any unlawful activity, including software piracy, fraud, assault, etc.

 - Please do not copy the graphics or look and feel of

Next, please send an e-mail to with a URL to your site and request that it be linked as a fan site. If the site has private areas, please provide a login/password we may use to view them (don't worry, only impartial parties will see this information, and we will keep it confidential). We will review the site's content as soon as possible and either add you to our links page or inform you why the site did not meet our guidelines. That's all there is to it!