3.19.1 Emoticons

By appending special "emotion codes" to the end of your speech, you can express
emotion in your voice that would otherwise not be possible! This can only be
done using the SAY command, so be warned and don't get into the habit of using
these emoticons over channels.

If Haern was to type

    SAY I wish I hadn't started that forest fire :>

Then other people will see

    Haern smiles impishly and says, "I wish I hadn't started that forest fire."

Here are the emoticons and what they do:

      :)  smiles and says                 :|  indifferently says
      :/  wryly says                      :,  smirks and says
      :>  smiles impishly and says        :?. looks thoughtful and says
      ;)  smiles with a wink and says     :B  drools and says
      :D  laughingly says                 :P  sticks out his tongue and says
      :*  blows a kiss and says           :O  looks surprised and says
      :,) says through happy tears        :S  looks confused and says
      :@  angrily says                    :(  frowns and says
      :C  sadly says                      :,( says through unhappy tears
      ??  asks                            !!  exclaims

The following emoticons are for asking questions, with emotion! Note that they
all must end with a period.

      :)?. asks with a smile              :D?. laughingly asks
      :|?. asks with indifference         :(?. asks with a frown
      :C?. sadly asks                     :>?. asks impishly
      :,?. asks with a smirk              :@?. angrily asks
      :S?. asks with a puzzled expression :/?. wryly asks
      :*?. blows a kiss and asks          :O?. asks in surprise
      :B?. drools and asks                :P?. sticks out his tongue and asks
      :??. looks thoughtful and asks      :,(?. asks through unhappy tears
      :,)?. asks through happy tears