22.6 Dyekit

Outside Esterport a man named Sethrin resides, a simple ore merchant that's started to spread his trade into other markets--the most interesting, and most relevant to this scroll, are dyekits.

With a dyekit in hand you can DYEKIT <item> <color> [PRIMARY|SECONDARY]. Only crafted items can be dyed, but only those a crafter has prepared with dyekits in mind. The crafter will need to have placed special tokens in their designs to facilitate this. You'll know if this is the case by using PROBE on the item.

If the item indicates that it can be dyed, look to the descriptions--you will see parts of the design described as 'gray,' which are, in fact, placeholders for your dye! You can dye the item either a PRIMARY or SECONDARY color. But don't fear, this has nothing to do with the primary color model, it's simply an easy shorthand to indicate which of the two colors (the prominent or fringe) you wish to replace. You can set the secondary color to be blue, just as much as the primary can be brown. By the way, a list of available colors can be viewed with DYEKIT COLORS.

After dying 10 items the dyekit will have run its course, but hopefully, in the process, you've gained some snazzy new clothing!

Note: For crafters, see HELP DESIGNGUIDELINES for more information on the $(dye$) token and how it's used.