8.19 Druids

The Druids are a now defunct guild, replaced by the Shamans after the loss of Metamorphosis.

The old Druids help file for archival purposes:
The path of the Druid is one spent in communion with nature. It is this bond with the natural world that roots the Druids with the obligation to be the claws of the wilderness in times of danger. Druids are the steadfast defenders of the wilds, and they follow the path of tending to and nurturing the land. This bond by its very nature is not for the faint of heart as often the trees will share their pain with you.

It is with this in mind that the Druid follows a path away from zealous light and darkness. The path of the Druid is focused on nature first and foremost, and those called to the Druidic order realize that too much light or too much darkness is bad for nature. Within this ideology, the Druid appreciates the forest bathed in shadows just as much as the forest bathed in light, so long as the wildlife is allowed to thrive. It is for this reason that the Druids accept members that have a darker heart than most guilds that support life would allow.

The study of Druidism includes three major skills. The articulate study of animal life and behaviours has developed the skill of Metamorphosis, which a Druid commands to defend the natural world. The close and careful study of nature's deeper magics has brought about the knowledge of Conjuration. Using this knowledge, we can create items of magical power or enhance an already existing item. However, the most mystifying of all the skills a Druid possesses is the ability of Groves. Within the consciousness of the natural world, a Druid has the ability to commune deeply with the trees around them in an unparalleled bond. 

A Druid is one with the forest, an extension of this larger consciousness. It is within their grove that a Druid is able to touch the very heart of the wilderness, and call upon it in times of need. A Druid never stops learning about the wild land, the consciousness of the forest, or their skills. Nature is constantly changing, ebbing and flowing, waxing and waning, in accordance to the demands placed upon it. Because of this, a Druid's life is never simple or straightforward. If you are ready to accept this responsibility, then the Druids will welcome you as you are, and as one of their own.