Domination Domination

Domination is without question the most dangerous art within Aetolia. It
involves the summoning of entities from the Chaos Plane as well as Chaos
Lords. You risk your life and your very soul in dealing with them, for  
they are powerful and not to be trifled with.                           

To gain the services of a Chaos Entity, you must first discover a way   
into the Chaos Plane. Once there, search them out and DOMINATE <entity>.
If the entity feels you are wasting its time, it may choose to attack   
you or it may simply ignore you. However, if it feels it can gain       
something, it will begin a bargaining dialogue with you, asking how you 
intend to pay it for its services. Answer the questions as you like, but
be warned that cheapness can have its own punishment. At any time during
the bargaining, you may ABORT to end the dialogue. The entity may grow  
enraged at this, however, or may simply refuse to bargain further with  

After you have finished your bargaining, you will see, if you type      
PACTS, what pacts you have made with entities. If you have a pact made, 
you may call upon the aid of that entity by doing SUMMON <entity>. In   
some cases, the entity itself will come, and in some cases it will send 
its minions to assist you.                                              

When an entity is summoned, it will, in most cases, remain in the land  
for a full day. There are, however, ways to send it back to its infernal
realm prematurely. BANISH <entity> will accomplish this if it is your   
wish, while others may have abilities that allow them to drive the      
entity off. An entity cannot be killed (though an entity's minions can  
be). It will only be driven back to the Chaos Plane if it falls into a  
state that would kill a mortal.                                         

Summary of general Domination-related commands:

DOMINATE <entity>          : Begin to dominate a chaos entity.
ABORT                      : Abort negotiations with the entity.
PACTS                      : See what pacts you have with entities.
SUMMON <entity>            : Summon an entity or one of its servants.
SUMMON ALL PACTS : Summons all of your summonable entities, excluding   
Istria, Golgotha, and Xenophage.                                        
BANISH <entity> : Banish an entity back to the plane of Chaos.          
CALL ENTITIES              : Call your loyal entities to you.
BREAK PACT <pact>          : Break off a pact with your loyal entity.

See also HELP MOBILES for some other commands to use with your entities.