Dialogue Mobiles

7.16 Dialogue Mobiles

Sometimes, a mobile or an item will have special ways to interact with it. Generally, these interactions will make themselves apparent upon GREETING, possessing an item of interest, or simply entering the same room.

Many of these interactions are fundamental suggestions on how an item or mobile can be interacted with. For example:

Sadi, the cook says, "Hello there, young'un. I hope you're here about cooking."
 [*] (say) Yes, I am here about cooking.
 [*] (say) No, not interested.
 [*] (drop) vial

In this example, you can respond to Sadi by performing any of these actions, by either saying what is prompted, or dropping what is prompted (in this instance, a vial). You can be certain that performing any of the suggested actions will elicit some form of response from the mobile.

Other interactions could include ways of convincing someone to side with you in an argument, or taunting them into attacking you. Consider your choices wisely, for they may have ill or lasting effects!