Defensive Artifacts

23.3.5 Defensive Artifacts

AP: alliance         an ensign of an alliance     1600 cr
    - When you EMBED this into the ground, it will instantly bring all your mutual allies to your room. They must be on the same continent/plane as you, and neither of you can be standing on a monolith. Once embedded, the artifact will not return to you until it resets, and cannot be picked up or recalled in any manner.

AP: magic_protection a ring of resistance          750 cr
    - Reduce magical damage by 10%

AP: prismatic_barrier an Iosai Lyre                500 cr
    - Create a prismatic barrier about yourself by using STRUM LYRE that will defend against many, BUT NOT ALL, attacks.

AP: protection       a silver amulet of protection 500 cr
    - If not worn with armor, this will increase your blunt and cutting protection equivalent to 20/20 armor. Otherwise when worn with armor it will provide an increase equivalent to 10/10 armor.

AP: reflections      a wand of reflection          800 cr
    - When POINTed at yourself or another, it will create a reflection of them. It has three uses, which will each recharge 60 seconds after their use.

AP: regeneration                                   700 cr
    - Causes you to regenerate health naturally, stacking with racial regeneration up to 5%.

AP: L1, L2, L3 substitution
    - A Target Dummy, increases the dodge chance from mobiles quickly substituting yourself with the target dummy.
    L1 substitution   33%                          200 cr
    L2 substitution   50%                          400 cr
    L3 substitution   66%                          800 cr

AP: web_evasion      boots of the spider           800 cr
    - Prevents being hit by the web tattoo.