Custom Prompt

5.17.1 Custom Prompt

Using the CONFIG PROMPT CUSTOM <prompt> command, one can define how     
their prompt will be displayed.                                         

For example, CONFIG PROMPT CUSTOM Hi will show "Hi" for your prompt. Or 
CONFIG PROMPT CUSTOM < @health > will show "< 4321 >" for your prompt.  

CONFIG PROMPT CUSTOM by itself will turn the customized prompt off      

You can insert various tokens into your custom prompt that will be      
replaced with the actual stats and information you'd find in a normal   
prompt. All of the tokens are preceded by an @ symbol, and a @@ can be  
used to show a single @ in your prompt. The tokens are as follows:      

@health      - Current health
@%health     - Current health (percentage)
@maxhealth   - Maximum health

@mana        - Current mana
@%mana       - Current mana (percentage)
@maxmana     - Maximum mana

@end         - Current endurance
@%end        - Current endurance (percentage)
@maxend      - Maximum endurance

@will        - Current willpower
@%will       - Current willpower (percentage)
@maxwill     - Maximum willpower

@blood       - Blood level
@%blood      - Blood level (percentage)
@maxblood    - Maximum blood
@essence     - Necromantic essence (percentage)
@spark       - Inner Spark (percentage)
@devotion    - Devotion (percentage)
@kai         - Kai energy level
             - Also shows Shaman energy level
@fury        - Fury percentage
@bleeding    - Current amount you are bleeding
@madness     - Provides current madness state

@xp          - Current experience
@%xp         - Current experience (percentage)
@maxxp       - Experience to next level

@stats       - Your defences
@eqbal       - Your equilibrium and balance (Includes arm balances)
@secbal      - Your secondary balance (e.g. Fury, Shadow, Hound)
@vote        - Whether you have voted or not
@weekday     - What Aetolian weekday it is.
@day         - What number Aetolian day it is
@month       - The name of the current Aetolian month
@nummonth    - The current Aetolian month as a number
@year        - The current Aetolian year.
@time        - The current time in words.
@pose        - Your current pose.
@stance      - Your current stance. (eg. Dragon)
@stanceshort - Your current stance. (eg. DRS)
@wcharge     - Templar weapon charge
@mount       - Indicates you are mounted
@burrow      - If you are burrowed, displays burrow elevation

@irlweekday   Shows the IRL weekday (Monday, etc)
@irlday       Shows the IRL date of the month (1-31)
@irlmonth     Shows the IRL month (January, February, etc)
@irlyear      Shows the IRL year (2017, 2018, etc)
@hour24       Shows the IRL hour in 24 hour format (03, 13, 15, etc)
@hour12       Shows the IRL hour in 12 hour format (1-12)
@ampm         Shows if it's 'am' or 'pm'.
@minute       Shows the IRL minute (00-59)
@second       Shows the IRL second (00-59)
@milli        Shows the IRL millisecond (000-999)

@nl          - A line delimiter.

You can also change the colour of your prompt's text inserting tokens.  
Colour tokens are preceded by a ^ symbol, and a ^^ can be used to show a
single ^ in your prompt. Please note that there are some tokens who will
already have a colour assigned to them, and these colour tokens will not
override that colour. The colour tokens are as follows:                 

Red:     ^r 
Green:   ^g 
Yellow:  ^y 
Blue:    ^b 
Magenta: ^m 
Cyan:    ^c 
White:   ^w 

If you capitalize the letter in the colour token, it will use the bold  
equivalent of that colour instead.                                 

You can also use the following colour tokens to change the prompt colour
according to the value of the associated token:

@health:   ^1
@mana:     ^2
@end:      ^3
@will:     ^4
@blood:    ^5
@essence:  ^6
@devotion: ^7
@spark:    ^8
@time:     ^9
@kai:      ^0
@fury:     ^F