Crystalism Crystalism

Crystalism is a powerful skill involving using magical crystals to create vibrations. These vibrations may be single-use or, more commonly, persistent and room-based.

In order to set up a vibration, you must first obtain crystals from the Master Crystal of your guild, using the REFINE ability. Look at the AB file for the particular ability to determine which crystals you need.

Then, simply SPIN <crystal>. A magi may only have one of each type of crystal spinning at once in a room. Once the requisite crystals are spinning, you must EMBED <vibration>.

Some vibrations will affect only you, some will affect only your enemies, and some will affect everyone in the room. It is up to you to learn these details, and it is the mark of a Master to be fully aware of them.

The effects of your vibrations may be toggled with VIBEALERT <vibe> ON/OFF. When on, you will receive messages every time a victim is affected by that particular vibration. When off, you will see no message at all. VIBEALERT by itself will inform you which vibrations you are watching.